Earn your Degree in Journalism from a Quality College

Economic liberalization, galloping pace of globalisation and rapid expansion of internet has completely changed the concept of how we view, comprehend, consume and decipher information. Mass communication has always an integral part of the society playing a major role shaping its policies and norms; however in recent times it has witnessed an unexpected surge in its popularity and prominence primarily owing to the arrival of satellite television. Until the advent of TV, media meant newspapers and magazines, and journalism was a public service calling.  Opening up of the country borders post economic liberalization and the augmentation in peoples’ spending power as it results has comprehensively broaden the concept and horizon of mass media to a significant extent. The growth internet and the opportunities it spawns along with rise and growth of new media like cable television, FM stations, 24×7 news channels, etc has created new possibilities of career advancement in this dynamic sector.

A degree or a diploma from a quality journalism and mass communication college in Mumbai or for that matter anywhere else in India can open new vistas of opportunities in a myriad number of diverse but dynamic sectors. You can help yourself to creative and high paying jobs in journalism, advertising, public relations, film and TV industry, publishing sector, etc.

However, you need to ensure that you obtain a degree or diploma in journalism from some well-known colleges or institutes in the city or place of your choice. If you are interested in Mumbai, you must ensure that you manage to gain admission in Top 10 journalism colleges in Mumbai. You can either obtain a degree or a diploma in journalism and mass communication depending upon your career aspirations and other resources presently at your command.  Diplomas are of shorter durations and you may opt for it if you are running short on time. More important, however, is to ensure that type of degree and diplomas the institute is offering.  No matter how good the institute is, it will not be the right one for you if it does not offer your preferred area of study or desired degree level.


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